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Career Con(Quest)

A comic series relating the struggles of a jobseeker

Follow the adventures of Sam, a slightly awkward but hardworking electrical technician, in his never ending rounds of job applications and interviews. And his (soon-to-be) fiancée Hanna, popping in occasionally to give him some helpful feedback.


Published initially on Freesumes as part of the weekly editorial schedule, Career Con(Quest) has now a new home.

<b>Career</b> Con(Quest)
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Career Con(Quest)

How it started

the very first episodes
Have You Got Any Question For Me?

Welcome to the Career (Con)Quest Comics Series! Every week, we’ve been publishing a new episode about Sam’s journey towards finding…

Job Search Mode On

Hiding your resume from your current employer is always a good idea. Most career websites have this neat feature that…

The Quantification Act

It’s important to spruce up your cover letter and resume with facts and figures. But quantify what really matters. Facts…

Too Good To Be True

Some employers don’t want to take risks and hire overqualified people on the team. Always make sure that you are…

Roast My Resume

Resume look matter as much as its content. Don’t get too creative with your designs unless you really know what…

Playing The Confidence Card

Acting confident and being honest is important during the job interview. But don’t overdo your strengths. Most employers appreciate honesty…