Strip#12 a workhorse

Salary negotiations are never easy. Come prepared and do your research in advance if you want your superior to cave in.

Just casually popping in one afternoon and asking if your company cares to pay you more won’t cut it.

Not every employer is eager to pay their staff more (even when they totally deserve that!).

So sometimes you’ll need to get a bit more strategic to cut through the initial resistance and “No-no, we can’t”.

Here are a few tips for that:

  • Initiate a performance review.
  • Prep the data about how much you did/saved/achieved for the company.
  • Flash some industry salary numbers.

And if you are still hearing “Nope, can’t do”. Ask your boss this: “Do you feel that I’m over-valuing myself?” This will give you more insight into why the raise isn’t happening.