Strip#06 playing the confidence card

Acting confident and being honest is important during the job interview. But don’t overdo your strengths.

Most employers appreciate honesty from job candidates, but don’t stretch it too far. Sam’s Nana clearly preached him way too often that telling the truth is important :).

So hold on that interview suicide bomb ready to roll from the tip of your tongue…and think of a more ‘corporate-friendly’ version of your next statement. It’s simple:

  • “I like bossing people” => “I have strong leadership qualities”
  • “I hate coming early to the office” => “My productivity peaks in the afternoon”.
  • “My last boss was a jerk” => “I feel that I have outgrown my current company”.
  • “Can I buy you a coffee?”  => you can ask out that HR person in a few weeks after you land the job.