strip#30 remote work

The remote work culture keeps thriving.

Should you agree to work for an employer who makes such a blunder during the initial interview?

Well, that’s certainly your call.

Should you agree to work remotely?

Well, there are some major pros & cons to consider.

In favor of remote work:

  • No dreaded commute
  • You can choose to live in a cheaper location
  • Greater flexibility and more family time
  • Most remote employees say that they feel more productive when working from home

But there are disadvantages too:

  • Not every job is “remote-friendly” per se
  • Career growth prospects can be more blurry
  • Your work/life balance can suffer as it’s harder to “unplug”
  • It can get lonely at times
  • Collaboration and communication may suffer.

But the general view, however, is that “remote” is good both for the business and for the teams. And as more and more employers are embracing remote work, perhaps you should give such job opportunities a go too!