strip#28 speak of the devil

Don’t schedule interviews too close to your office.

Ah, the challenge of sneaking to an interview during lunchtime.

On one hand, traveling too far may not be always feasible if your employer is too tight about break time.

On the other hand, having that interview right next to an office, even if it’s a casual one, is like calling for trouble. Anyone can walk in on you and then report to your direct superior.

So how do you fit in those interviews when you have a 9-to-5 job?

  • Ask for a phone or Skype interview first at a convenient morning or evening hour.
  • Take a day personal day and pack it with several interviews (can be exhausting though!)
  • Ask to telecommute for a day (if that’s an option)
  • Cover up your lunch interview with the standard “Dentist appointment” to have some more wiggle room.

The best advice? Come clean with the recruiter and explain that you have somewhat limited availability during the day. The good ones will work things out with you!