strip#3 the quantification act

It’s important to spruce up your cover letter and resume with facts and figures. But quantify what really matters.

Facts and figures excite any decision-maker eyeing your resume. They clearly show just how good you are. But I’m totally here with Sam: it can be so hard to find solid quantifiable bits in your employment record.

So here are some better ideas for your resume or cover letter “quantification act”:

  • Number of years in the company/industry.
  • How many people have you’ve managed?
  • How many projects you have worked on?
  • Did your work contribute to an improvement in a business metric?
  • Did you saved or made your employer some good cash?

Lastly, non-quantifiable accomplishments count too!

  • Talk about how you helped a team accomplish X.
  • Share how you trained others to do Y.
  • Mention how you introduced a new company process for Z.

…just don’t focus on the commute time :).