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Grab every opportunity heading your way!

There’s no right or wrong way to land a job.

While you can peruse the job search website and pitch your resumes directly via Career Pages, there are many alternative ways to nailing that job search. Most of them involve being more active and open to any usual (and unusual) opportunities heading your way.

So if you feel like you’ve exhausted the traditional channels, try the following instead:

  • Get on Twitter to network, monitor the latest jobs and pitch your services. We talked this through in our job search post.
  • Submit a creative resume. One candidate styled his resume as an Amazon Marketplace listing that got him 1 million site visits, and more than 100 messages from employers.
  • Send the HR people cake. One candidate didn’t do their best during the interview. So they sent a cake to the HR asking to give them another chance…and they did.
  • Increase your visibility online. Alec Brownstein, a young copywriter, was aspiring to land a creative director job in NYC. To attract the attention of local creative directors, he set up Google Ads campaigns around their names. Each time some exec googled their name, they saw Brownstein ad saying “ Goooogling [sic] yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too!”, linking to his portfolio website. The campaign cost him $6, but in return, he received calls from every, but one creative director he targeted, plus two job offers.

So be like Sam, Brownstein and other savvy candidates from these stories — jump on the opportunity whenever you see one (or create it for yourself)!