strip#48 you are enough

The right opportunity will come when you least expect it.

Fast hiring isn’t just a Christmas miracle or some other once of a lifetime happening.

Employers make on-the-spot decisions more often than you think, especially with smaller, agile companies. They understand that good candidates get snatched fast from the job market and that extensive interviewing plus unnecessary tests only makes their hiring process more expensive (often without actually improving the quality of job candidates).

And that’s particularly the case when the company approached you, not the other way around.

So can you actually maximize your chances of getting hired faster? Yes, by leaving strategic breadcrumbs online:

  • Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and optimized. Focus on highlighting the general industry skills, plus some highly niche knowledge that you have.
  • Create a personal website that further showcases your personal and professional interests, along with some projects and professional interests.

Rather than publishing your resume on general job search websites, look into having a presence on more niche communities (Behance, GitHub,, etc).