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Realistic HR expectations for interview applicants be like…

How do you job-hunt cross-state or even cross-border?

Is there some sort of an “etiquette” stating what’s reasonable to ask of from the candidate. And who foots the interview travel bill after all?

Let’s dig in together.

As a rule of thumb, it is the employer that has to pay for interview travel expenses. Especially when fly-in candidates for senior, executive roles. And, if they intend to cover the travel costs, most will openly tell you so and make all the arrangements on your behalf (not propose to reimburse you later on).

There’s no shade in politely asking if the company will cover the trip costs. Some companies will say point-blank that “no, we don’t compensate for travel expenses”. Others will outline what’s compensated and to what extent (like it was in Sam’s case).

However, if your question gets promptly ignored and unanswered, chances are that this employer won’t shell out a penny.

As Liz Ryan writes on Forbes for most companies an out-of-town interview is an opportunity to shine and canoodle the prospective candidate. That’s why the “good guys” will compensate:

  • Your airfare and overnight accommodation
  • If that’s a short commuter flight, the company may choose to fly you in and out the same day, though.
  • Airport pickup
  • Any meals that you choose to have together.

Of course, not every org will have the same nice posture. So it’s best to discuss and negotiate all the details of your on-site visit in advance!