Strip#04 to good to be true

Some employers don’t want to take risks and hire overqualified people on the team. Always make sure that you are a good fit skills-wise.

Hiring someone overqualified is a big risk of seeing them wave goodbye in a few months time. 

When hiring, a new employee costs the business 4X times their salary on average, it’s kinda a costly move.

So don’t get upset if someone tells you that “you are too good for this job”. It’s not a polite way of saying that “we don’t want you here”, but rather a necessary precaution some companies need to take.

And hey, also when scanning those job posts, aim higher, rather than lower.

Go after more senior roles (even if you don’t feel fully ready) as these may actually be easier to get with a good employer who cares about retaining staff for the long term!